This is where we combine the power of short films and episodic series formats, culminating into “bingeworthy” yet thought provoking shows.

Three Sided Dice (Short Film Series)

A black old man, “Oscar”, in his early 60s briefly appears for a conversation in both the films “Baitless Hook” and “Cast In Iron” after which the characters in the films go through adverse difficulties as a result of Oscar’s conversation that “jinxes” their futures. “Too Much Sugar” is where Oscar’s story finally unfolds showcasing the mysterious life he leads.

Short Film: Baitless Hook (2019)

Short Film: Cast In Iron (2020)

A struggling actor loses his sanity in between what is “Reel” and “Real” while playing a film’s character of a murderer.

Starring: Umesh Wadhavni and Danni Darvill

Story: Ana Maria Radulescu, Umesh Wadhavani and Zaigham Hameed Butt

Producers and Writers: Ana Maria Radulescu and Zaigham Hameed Butt

Releasing soon! 

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Short Film: Too Much Sugar 

In Development!